Walsh-Fluor Design-Build Team trust ParqEx with displaced residents, achieve 99.9% reliability

Walsh-Fluor Deign-Build Team | CTA Red-Purple Modernization | Uptown & Edgewater Chicago


Walsh Construction and joint venture partner Fluor Corporation, operating as the Walsh-Fluor Deign-Build Team, is the general contractor on the CTA’s Red-Purple Modernization project, which runs through the Uptown & Edgewater neighborhoods of Chicago. The project will allow CTA to improve its service throughout the transit system. However, as a result of the enhancements, Chicago residents and guests were displaced from their usual neighborhood parking spots during the construction. The Walsh-Fluor Design-Build Team had to come up with a convenient, easy, and suitable solution for the people of the neighborhood to be able to securely and conveniently park while construction was ongoing.


The result for the residents and guests of the Uptown and Edgewater neighborhoods was gaining fast, FREE access to the most secure and seamless parking alternatives possible during construction. While the situation wasn’t ideal, the solution was, and even saved some residents money due to the free parking solution.


Incorporated in 1949 in Chicago, Walsh Construction is one of the largest and most respected general contracting, construction management and design-build firms in North America. The firm operates out of regional offices across the United States, working with union labor and union subcontractors in the building, civil and transportation sectors. Fluor Corporation’s 41,000 employees provide professional and technical solutions that deliver safe, well‑executed, capital‑efficient projects to clients globally. With headquarters in Irving, Texas, Fluor has been providing engineering, procurement and construction services for more than 100 years







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Walsh-Fluor Design-Build Team Seeks Full Parking Solution for Displaced Residential Drivers

A complete parking technology & logistics solution

The Walsh-Fluor Design-Build Team came to the only company capable of providing as seamless and flexible a solution as possible, while also considering the logistical challenges of finding parking for lots of vehicles combined with appealing to the sentiment of frustrated neighborhood residents. ParqEx sat down with the Walsh-Fluor Design-Build Team to fully understand the logistics of the project, the neighborhood, the scope of drivers and guests, and propose a solution to accommodate the construction and the neighborhood. After understanding the full scope of the project, how many residents would be displaced, and accounting for an educated estimate of additional guests to the area, ParqEx proposed a solution that included Access+, GuestParq, and the ParqEx Marketplace.



A small network of logistical properties

Four parking locations were set up on the ParqEx Marketplace, where drivers could simply select their preferred location in the ParqEx app and reserve their parking spot, in advance, from the comfort of anywhere. Every spot was set to $0, a special feature for Walsh-Fluor only. ParqEx also implemented GuestParq, which allowed residents to reserve spots for their guests in advance, allowing for the same seamless arrival experience.



“Our project had a unique parking situation that needed to be addressed, affecting hundreds of people in the neighborhood. The ParqEx team put significant effort into understanding our situation and devised a custom solution to handle all aspects of parking. In addition, they provided adequate training and continued supporting my team when needed throughout the project.”

Marcy O’Boyle Jensen

Property Manager, Communications Manager, Walsh-Fluor DBT



The beauty of easy access

For a property with gated access, ParqEx provided approved residents with Access+, which allows the driver to access and operate the gate or door with just a tap inside of the ParqEx app. This feature could also be shared with approved guests through GuestParq.



ParqEx makes a sticky situation simple

While the learning curve for the ParqEx technology suite is nearly instantaneous, the ParqEx team also composed a detailed user guide for anyone who required further information and instruction on how and where to park, how to access gated entry, and how to share with guests. These guides and tutorials benefited residential parkers who had never had any experience with a parking app before ParqEx, and were all included on an exclusive ParqEx landing page, built solely for displaced residents and their guests.

The solutions for The Walsh-Fluor Design-Build Team

Access Plus App (Access+) Control doors, gates, garage & more

Control ANY access point

Total, secure access to doors, gates, garages, and more— right from the palm of your hand. Full real-time admin control.

Private Parking Marketplace | Find Parking | Rent Parking | ParqEx App

Find or list parking spots

Access an exclusive inventory of private parking spots all over the country that you cannot find anywhere else.

GuestParq by ParqEx - Guest Parking Made Easy | Private Guest Parking | Visitor Parking

Private guest parking booked in advance

Eliminate the hassle of managing visitor parking and makes guests’ lives easier when they arrive.

ParqEx Case Studies Walsh-Fluor Deign-Build Team

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