Parking Access Revenue Control Systems

ParqEx Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) are state-of-the-art, integrated parking hardware and software systems designed for revenue collection, access control and management of customers and tenants in real-time. ParqEx PARCS are available in varying degrees of functionality and flexibility, and can be tailored to any parking situation required by parking and property owners.

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Entry/Exit & Pay Stations

The PCI compliant ParqEx Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems are easily and precisely tailored for each parking facility and property, whether it’s a manned pay station or automated entrance and exits. ParqEx PARCS can work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, can be built ground-up with ticket dispensing, high-tech access, and credit card and pay functionalities (Access+ Kiosk), or as a hybrid system or existing and new technology.

PARQEX PARCS - Parking Access Revenue Control Systems
PARQEX PARCS | Parking Access Revenue Control Systems | Parking Access App

Intelligent Access for the Modern World

Goodbye access cards. Goodbye keys. Goodbye fobs. Goodbye remote openers. Most importantly— goodbye to costly overhead and questionable control! With Access+ as an instrumental element of the ParqEx PARCS, residents and approved visitors now open all electronic doors, garage doors, or gates from their smartphones. Property owners and managers not only enjoy simplified management, but instantly and dramatically improve security while attaining 100% real-time control of the parking facility.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Access+ Premium License Plate Recognition is the ultimate touchless entry feature in the ParqEx Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems. With ParqEx PARCS LPR, approved drivers automatically open any secure entry point by simply pulling up to the entry point. With a simple, small box, camera, and the ParqEx software, the License Plate Reader instantly and automatically recognizes the registered license plate of the approved vehicle and controls the gate, lift arm, or door to provide secure entry. If the plate is not registered, the entry point remains secure. Managers/owners get real-time reporting and control over the entire system through the ParqEx dashboard.

PARQEX PARCS | Parking Access Revenue Control Systems | License Plate Recognition | LPR
PARQEX PARCS | Parking Access Revenue Control Systems | Reporting Software Dashboard

Total Control, Ultimate Insight

Our incredibly intuitive (and beautiful) reporting dashboards require no learning curve, which means you get immediate and full insight into everything that is happening in and around your properties in one easy-to-use package. View full reports of all of your secure access activity in real-time. Easily manage and review authorized or blacklisted vehicles, know exactly who is coming and going from your property and when they accessed the entry points. Our dashboard empowers owners and managers with real-time reporting and control over the entire system, but that’s not all— use our built-in analytics to better understand your parking system and learn exactly how best to boost your revenue and leverage your maximum capacities.


PARQEX PARCS | Parking Access Revenue Control Systems | Customer Parking Software

Parking Tech for Parking Patrons

With the ParqEx PARCS Marketplace app, visitors and drivers can easily manage their parking through simple and quick parking software. Anything from booking a spot in advance, to accepting a parking permit, to managing their personal information as well as their registered vehicles, ParqEx Marketplace all but eliminates the time and effort traditionally spent by your staff to manage and validate parking. As soon as the driver books, the parking manager or owner knows who is parking, where they’re parking, when, and with what vehicle. Payments are made securely through the Marketplace software, in advance or in real-time.

PARQEX PARCS | Parking Access Revenue Control Systems | Parking Enforcement Software

Simple, Real-Time Parking Enforcement

With the ParqEx PARCS Enforcer software, parking agencies, property managers, staff, or owners can quickly and easily verify vehicles across their properties. If a parked vehicle is unverified in the ParqEx PARCS system, the Enforcer software will issue a violation instantly. No more old fashioned printed tags, passes, or signs— it’s the easiest way to safely, securely, and instantly enforce your parking lots and facilities.

“ With so many cars coming and going on our properties, we needed a custom solution. ParqEx was the only platform willing to design that solution for us, and it’s been a night-and-day difference.”


Jason I.

Property Manager, Avenue One

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