Managing your doors, garage, gate or any access point just got a lot easier with Access Plus App.


With the Access Plus App (AKA Access+) by ParqEx, residents and approved visitors can open any electronic door, garage door, gate elevators and more from their smartphones. Property owners, managers and condo boards can simplify management and improve security and control of the property, adding a much valued amenity to the property. And Access+ is perfect for builders and developers who need to remove the hassle of managing everyone coming and going from their properties and add security.


Access Plus App (Access+) Features


No more keys or fobs. Access+ gives you total, secure access to doors, gates, garages, and more— right from the palm of your hand.


Admins control who gets access to which property, its entry points, and when. Users can only access from their personal phone.

Access+ app Reporting Management


Our easy-to-use dashboard shows full reports of all of your garage door activity.

Access+ by ParqEx | Control doors, gates, garages, and more


We install our small white box at your access point and sync it with your phone in minutes. Done!

How Access Plus (Access+) Works

Compatibility Check

Contact us to make sure our hardware is compatible with your setup. During the call, we’ll also determine how many Access+ devices you will need. (One Access+ box can control 3 different access points: doors, gates, elevators, etc.)

Receive your Access+ Box

We will ship you the Access+ device(s) with easy-to-follow instructions on how to set it up at your property. Install is simple and quick, but if you run into any issues, our support team is just a call away!

Open the Access+ App

Download or open the free Access+ web or mobile app, sign in and sync it to your location. You’re ready to go!

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Access Plus App (Access+) Control doors, gates, garage & more

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Property Managers

Reduce your operating costs, boost your security

Boost your property value while simultaneously increasing your revenue

Eliminate the hassle, cost, and management of fobs, key cards, codes, openers, & more

Eliminate uncertainty of who is accessing your property - Know exactly who is entering and exiting your property and when in real-time

Easy-to-use interface data and reporting dashboard makes control simple for everyone

Add a valued amenity for tenants, residents, & guests, deploying state-of-the-art tech that's secure, safe, & easy to use

Improve your tenant retention and satisfaction by simplifying usability for everyone

Parking Solutions For Property Managers
Parking Solution for Residents

Residents & Guests

Say goodbye to keeping track of cards, keys, fobs, and openers

Full access right in the palm of your hand using only your smart phone- a device you already carry every day

No more worrying about carrying and keeping track of key cards or fobs and best of all: no associated fines to replace or fix them

Grant temporary access to service providers, delivery people, guests, parking renters, & more


Condos & HOA Boards

Add a fully secure, luxury amenity that reduces costs

Replaces all of your access cards, fobs, garage openers, gate controllers, etc.

Eliminates the associated costs of managing those legacy property access items

Ability to monitor who is accessing your property at all times, and all in real-time

Adds an incomparable layer of property security, easily control who gets access and when

Creates a value-added amenity for anchor tenants & incoming prospects that they're willing to pay for

Parking Solution Condos and HOA
Parking Solution Builders and Developers

Builders & Developers

Want to boost security & operations at a lower cost?

Offer a luxury real-estate amenity that gives you an edge over legacy access properties in your area

Increase Net Operating Revenue (NOR), Income (NOI) &, Profit (NOP) by reducing carrying costs & carrying cash out sooner

Control who has access to garage doors, gates, lift arms, even pedestrian doors

Eliminates the need for fobs, access cards, battery-powered openers, transponders, or operators

Increase the perceived value of your property for investors, buyers, or tenants


Access Plus Upgrades

Access Plus PREMIUM License Plate Recognition Touchless Property Parking

State-of-the-art license plate recognition

With Access+ Premium by ParqEx, approved drivers can open any secure electronic door, garage door, lift arm, or gate, simply by pulling up to the access point. No phone. No app. And No more key cards, tickets, fobs, or punch pads to pay for or manage.

Access Plus TOUCHLESS Touchless Door Operator | Pedestrian Door Opener

Open doors like magic

Access+ Touchless offers secure, authorized-only access to pedestrian doors. Authorized visitors can open interior or exterior doors with just a tap on their smartphone. No keys, fobs, or touching of doors needed and Access+ Touchless perfectly retrofits any door.

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