How ParqEx is Responding to COVID-19


Our response to COVID-19 and resources we have put together to help our employees, customers and communities during these challenging times.

We are taking important steps for you, our own staff, and our community.


The world has changed, almost overnight due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During times like this we all have to look out for both ourselves and each other more than ever before. While parking isn’t exactly a priority issue in the world right now, we do want to make you aware of the steps we are taking to help keep everyone safe as best we can.


We have closed our physical offices to help protect you and our staff. However, we are a technology company and as such, can leverage all of the tech needed to continue to operate, remotely, without any loss of staff or service to you. We remain 100% open and all of our staff is working remotely from home, available to provide you support whenever you need it.


We have extended the grace period for payments. We know many people have unfortunately been laid off or have lost or had to re-allocate income streams, and that holding up payment deadlines on parking rentals could further compound the problem. Therefore, if your payment declines due to insufficient funds or other reasons, we are allowing you additional time to address the issue. If you are facing hardship and need additional time to make your monthly rental payments, please contact us.


Parking is the quickest way for small businesses to cash flow their real estate assets when the “stay home” order is removed and things get back to normal. To support real-estate parking owners and managers, we have reduced our set up, onboarding fees, and commission. Get started NOW so you can hit the ground running when the “stay home” order is removed and things get back to normal. [cp_modal id=”cp_id_b4749″]Click here learn more about our special promotion for parking owners[/cp_modal]


We have actually increased our customer support capabilities and extended to weekends to be able to provide even better support, 7 days a week.


Use Access+ where available! Our HQ state of Illinois is under a “stay home” order for most of the public, however, some people are traveling, like hospital staff, first responders, and others, as well as our customers across other states and cities that are not under the same orders at this time. Access+ is also installed in many residential buildings and properties, including on regular pedestrian doors. If the property you park, work, or live at has Access+ available, please use it! Since it is a contactless way to open garages, gates, and pedestrian doors, it’s importance and relevance has never been higher. Avoiding swiping, exchanging tickets, pushing keypads, and handling cash is critical right now. So if Access+ is available- use it, please!


We have put together a FREE marketing program to support local restaurants and businesses to help them survive these challenging times. If you are a business that could benefit, please reach out to us and we will promote it via our marketing website, email newsletter, social media, and other channels. [cp_modal id=”cp_id_1863a”] Click here to learn more about our marketing package to support local businesses [/cp_modal]

How You Can Help Our Efforts

Urgent request for hospital parking


In the absence of public transport and massive influx of staff and patients, there could be an obvious hospital parking crisis. If you own a parking space near a hospital, you could make it available *for free or at discounted rates to the frontline workers, medical staff, first responders, and/or families visiting hospitals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can become a significant aid in the battle of this terrible virus. ParqEx will take NO commission on these essential listings. If you’re a spot owner, you can earn “contactless” income while helping healthcare workers get to where they need to be to focus on the incredible work they’re doing for all. *Applies to new listings intended for emergency workers until May 31, 2020.

Please list your near- hospital parking on the ParqEx app

To list your parking:

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How does it work?

Contact us to list your parking

Click the button above or email us here. We’ll work with you to list your first responder parking on the ParqEx app. It only takes a few minutes for set it up.

Parking is listed on ParqEx app

With your approval, we’ll list your parking as available on the ParqEx app. If you choose, you can make it available at discounted pricing or even list it free to help frontline workers and first responders.

Receive your bookings

You’ll be notified immediately when your parking is booked. All transactions and communication with your renters are handled in the app, so you never have to meet with anyone in person or physically go to your spot.

Please tell your friends about this urgent request:

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any questions that we have not answered on this page, please contact us at any time via email, phone, or live chat. We pride ourselves on our customer support and will continue to provide you outstanding service, especially during a time like this. Stay safe and be kind to each other— we will get through these tough times and be stronger for it. Below you will find our most frequently asked questions.


For current information and guidance on COVID-19, please visit the WHO website.

Who is ParqEx?

With a user base of over 70,000 active users, ParqEx is a technology company that connects owners of private parking spots to people looking for parking. In urban areas where parking demand is high but available options are scarce or expensive, ParqEx makes additional supply available to the driving public by listing exclusive inventory owned by local residents and businesses. ParqEx platform also offers a true “touchless” secure Access+ system that allows authorized users to access their garage with their phones (no need to key pads, key cards, fobs, garage door openers etc.)


Why is ParqEx doing this?

We care for our employees, customers, and the communities we serve. We find ourselves in a unique position to help emergency workers by connecting them to parking. To facilitate this, we are giving up our commission from new customers.


Is parking available for free to emergency care workers?

We do not control the prices, if the parking owner is participating in the program we have offered, they may choose to offer the parking for free or at a discounted price. Please know that we are not collecting any commission from the owners so as to incentivize them to help the cause.


How much time does it take to list my parking?

Approximately, it takes less than 5 minutes to list your parking on ParqEx.


Will I be charged to list my parking on ParqEx?

No, listing your parking space with us is always free!


Do I have to be home or at my property with the parking when the renter arrives?

No. It is not required for you to be at home, however, we recommend that any instructions or guidelines to access your parking are shared up front in your listing on the app. We are here to help you guide you with the process, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Can I rent my parking out if it requires key access or a permit?

Yes, you can. If you are not a registered Access+ user, then you would have to make arrangements for the access. Please feel free to contact us to assist you when listing your parking.


How long will it take for my listing to appear on ParqEx?

It takes up to 24 hours to appear following our standard review and verification of your parking property.


Is there any additional legal paperwork required?

No, there is no additional legal paper work required. Please review our standard terms and conditions


I own a small business and it is currently closed due to “stay home” order. Can I get involved in this effort?

Sure, please contact us to learn how you can get started.


Does ParqEx make money from this COVID-19 parking supply request?

No. ParqEx is charging ZERO commission in order to help our community during these challenging times.


I’ve already listed my parking on the app. Can I still make it free for the COVID-19 near- hospital parking effort?

Yes, you can set your own pricing by visiting your ParqEx account.


I’ve already listed my parking on the app. Will my price change?

No. We don’t set nor change the pricing that you have set for your parking space.


I have parking available near hospitals and care facilities. Do I have to make it available for free?

No! You may charge whatever you feel is fair. It is not mandatory to list your parking for free.


I just want to keep my parking open during this COVID-19 period? Can I remove my listing after this pandemic?

Yes. You can set the days limit as per your convenience and remove your parking space whenever you like.

Happening Now at ParqEx

New Job Opportunities During COVID-19

At ParqEx, we realize that times are more delicate than ever and we all need the support of our loved ones and extended communities.

Bearing this in mind, we have taken active steps to contribute however we can to the community while simultaneously maintaining and pivoting our business priorities.

New Projects & Developments at ParqEx

Companies, especially, small and medium scale, need to think and act across horizons to build resilience, creativity and resolve.

To assist our fellow business owners and small businesses survive these uncertain times, we have been working hard to offer new and better creative offers that align with the current challenges and offer cost-effective solutions that are lean and flexible.

For both our existing and new Commercial and Individual Parking clients, we offer a new approach using a portfolio of initiatives and planning making decisions easier for you than ever.

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Government Aid and NPA News


As the industry navigates immediate customer, insurance and liquidity issues, we are working to connect you with answers right now. NPA is hosting a series of parking operator ISSUE BRIEFINGS to provide you strategies, tactics and answers to face operating challenges. Stimulus proposals and Aid plans are being offered by the US Government to the sector and as a business owner, you can benefit from this. Please take a look at some of the resources we have put together for you.


NPA Briefings

Advocacy and State Bills

Covid – 19 Business AID

Upcoming Events

Latest Industry News


For current information and guidance on COVID-19, please visit the CDC and WHO websites.

Please list your near- hospital parking on the ParqEx app

To list your parking:

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