How to list a spot

Put your unused parking spot to work for you and the community. List by the hour, day, week or month – it’s up to you. Here’s how to list a spot…

How to list a spot

Choose ‘Manage parking’ from the left hand menu. You may use this page to manage your properties once you’ve created one or more.

Tap the ‘List a parking spot’ button to create your rental.

Address & Descriptors

Enter in the address of the parking space that you would like to rent out, as well as the property type, then click onto the spot page.

On the spot page you can include all of the details of the spot. Things like good pictures, excellent descriptions of the area, and in/out instructions greatly increase the chance of a spot being rented.

Set spot availability

On the ‘Create your listing’ page, you may enter in the periods and rates you would like to charge for your spot.

Not sure what to charge? Upon selecting an option, average prices in the area will show, giving you a look into what you can earn.

Publish your spot!

Hit ‘next’, and your spot is officially available to rent! The app will alert you when a renter requests your spot and you can view and manage all of your transactions from the in-app dashboard.

To see what your listing looks like, you can tap the ‘see your live listing’ button or ‘go to manage parking’. You may also share your listing with others through Facebook or email via the bottom of the page.

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New to ParqEx? Here’s a Quick Overview…

ParqEx is the provider of commercial and individual smart parking solutions. We use our proprietary technology to help “unlock” the value of privately-owned, “self-managed” parking spaces that are often underutilized and/or difficult to manage. Read on for some of the top features of ParqEx.

ParqEx Private Parking Marketplace | Find a Spot | List a Spot | Rent Parking
ParqEx How to List a Spot | Private Parking Marketplace

Start earning easy, additional income by listing your parking spot during the days or times you aren’t using it. Need a parking spot and want to avoid the headaches of searching for parking? Access our exclusive inventory of private parking spots and reserve it ahead of time— just arrive and park!

ParqEx Access+ | Access Plus App | Private Parking Marketplace
ParqEx How to List a Spot | Access Plus

With the Access+ by ParqEx, residents and approved visitors can open any electronic door, garage door, gate elevators and more from their smartphones. Property owners, managers and condo boards can simplify management and improve security and control of the property, adding a much valued amenity to the property. And Access+ removes the hassle of managing individuals coming and going from their property with added security.

ParqEx How to List a Spot | Book for a Guest | Private Parking Marketplace
ParqEx How to List a Spot | GuestParq

GuestParq​ ​by​ ​ParqEx eliminates the hassle of managing visitors and makes your guests’ lives easier when they arrive. Now, you can reserve parking spots for your guests, which means their spot will be waiting for them when they arrive on the property. GuestParq also improves security for residents and their guests.

Parking Enforcement Condos & HOA Parking Solution
ParqEx How to List a Spot | Enforcer App

The Enforcer app from ParqEx allows you to see exactly what vehicles should be in your lot and when. With our simple dashboard, immediately see who is and isn’t supposed to be on your property. Enforcer app tracks it all.

A few of the great (free) benefits you’ll gain when you list a spot on the ParqEx platform… 

ParqEx How to List a Spot | Private Parking Owner Dashboard

Easy-to-use owner dashboard

The ParqEx private parking owner dashboard has everything you need in a single place. Once you’ve signed into the ParqEx mobile app or the web app, you can tap into your dashboard to review and manage your personal information, your reservations, monthly and all-time income, payment preferences, access our self-help center, and much more.

Simple parking management

From the Manage Parking tab inside the ParqEx app, you’ll be able to easily and quickly manage your parking spots and listings at your property, or across multiple properties. It’s incredibly easy to add new properties, spots, and create new listings, all from a single Manage Parking screen.

ParqEx How to List a Spot | Manage Parking
ParqEx How to List a Spot | My Reservations

Your parking reservations

As a parking owner, with just a tap inside the ParqEx app you are able to view all of your current, future, and past parking reservations from a single screen— even see how much each reservation is earning for you.

Gain full control over your parking

If you need to simply list a parking spot quickly, you can do in less than 2 minutes with ParqEx app. However, if you have a multitude of spots or properties, or you need to seriously fine-tune your listing, the ParqEx app provides you total control. Get as detailed as you need to with our Advanced Settings— add minimum booking time and lead time requirements, cancellation policies, special terms, instructions, set up extension details, add surcharges and much, much more. Advanced? You bet. Difficult? Never!

ParqEx How to List a Spot | Private Parking Advanced Settings
ParqEx How to List a Spot | Private Parking Availability Calendar

Behold! The power of the ParqEx Availability Calendar

You can easily list a parking spot by the hour, day, week, or month and publish it to the ParqEx Marketplace. But if you have a more complex parking vacancy schedule, you have the power of the ParqEx Availability Calendar. This is where you can seriously fine-tune your listings and their availability times and days, even set specific Black Out windows in which your parking spot cannot be rented.

ParqEx Video Tour + How to List a Spot Frequently Asked Questions

VIDEO: A quick ParqEx overview

VIDEO: How renters book parking

VIDEO: See ParqEx Access+ in action

How do I get paid on the ParqEx app?

As an owner, you can elect to get paid via Check, Paypal, Chase Quickpay, or Direct Deposit (ACH). If none of these payout options work, please reach out to our support team at and we will work out a suitable alternative. Learn more about payout methods and schedules here.


How do I know what price to set for my parking spot?

As an owner, you have the ability to set your own rates. If you’re unsure as to how much you should charge for your parking spot, take a look on the ParqEx platform to see what other parking spaces in your area are going for. In addition, we have a proprietary tool that compares the price you set for your listing to other listings in the area! This can help an owner in setting a fair, competitive price. Parking spots are more valuable with certain amenities included, such as a gate, a roof, electric vehicle charging, a doorman, or ParqEx Access+. If you need help with setting your parking rates, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We’re the parking experts and can help you set a competitive price!


How much will it cost to list my spots on ParqEx?

Nothing! It is free to list your spaces on ParqEx

I’m a business, can I list my parking spots on ParqEx?

Yes! Renting out parking spots is a great way to create another stream of revenue for your business. With ParqEx, you have flexibility to rent out your parking spaces whenever they’re not being used. For example, if your business closes at 5 pm, you can set your parking to be available only in the evening.


Does ParqEx charge fees for parking reservations?

ParqEx operates on a small fee taken from each parking rental transaction. There are no fees, subscriptions, or otherwise paid by the parking owners to be on the ParqEx platform.


How do I know if the right person is parked in my spot?

You can review details about your renters through the Reservations section from the menu. From here you can see the active and upcoming renters, as well as previous renters in the ‘Archived’ tab up top. You may click on individual renters to view specifics of your guest. If you have multiple parking lots, it may be easier to download the ParqEx Enforcer app which will show you information on the current and future bookings of your parking lots, in real time.


Where can I learn more?

We have tons of information, more Q&A, support, how-tos and more in our online knowledgebase.

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Download ParqEx on iTunes! Download ParqEx for Android!

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