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Increase revenue. Reduce costs. Improve operations.


When you’re working on a property, you have work to do! Any time or effort taken away from your business to deal with something like parking issues equates to lost revenue from your bottom line. At ParqEx, we believe the current parking standard is a little off. So we’ve created a simple solution that benefits builders and developers.

Reduce cost while increasing revenue & improving operations.

The Key Benefits

Earn revenue

Why have spots sitting idle and costing you money when they could be earning for you? List your open spots on the ParqEx Marketplace, where over 40,000 people are searching for parking every day. You set the rate, then watch your utilization and your revenue increase.

Improve operations

The best self-managed parking solution on the market. No need for an operator, the whole process is automated through our IoT user-friendly app. No more worrying about expensive key cards or fobs, just use the smart phone already in your pocket.

Add security & transparency

Know exactly who should be parking on your property and when they should be parking there. Plus, see who is coming and going at all times, all through one simple management dashboard.

The Technology

Smart Parking Platform | ParqEx Access Plus | Access+ App

Managing your doors, garage, gates, & access points just got a lot easier.

With the Access+ by ParqEx, approved visitors can open any electronic door, garage door, gate elevators and more from their smartphones. Builders and developers can simplify management and improve security and control of the property, adding a much valued amenity to the property. And Access+ removes the hassle of managing individuals coming and going from their property with its inherent real-time reporting and security features.

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Access Plus Condos & HOA Parking Solution

Also available in the Access+ product suite:

Access Plus PREMIUM with License Plate Recognition for touchless access

Pull up. Get in.

Pull up to the access point in an authorized vehicle. The License Plate Reader automatically scans and provides access. No phone needed. Learn more!

Access Plus TOUCHLESS Touchless Pedestrian Door Operator

No-touch door handles.

Authorized visitors can access any locked, interior and exterior pedestrian doors using their smartphone. No keys, fobs, or touching. Learn more!

Parking Enforcement Condos & HOA Parking Solution
Smart Parking Platform | Enforcer App | Parking Enforcement by ParqEx

The easiest parking enforcement

The Enforcer app from ParqEx allows you to see exactly what vehicles should be in your lot and when. With our simple dashboard, immediately see who is and isn’t supposed to be on your property. Enforcer app tracks it all.

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Smart Parking Platform | GuestParq by ParqEx

Guest parking solution

GuestParq​ ​by​ ​ParqEx for builders and developers eliminates the hassle of managing visitors and service vehicles. Reserve parking spots for visitors, allows them quicker access to your job site, and improve security on the property.

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GuestParq Condos & HOA Parking Solution


feature parking management technology

Parking management technology

Control the number, availability, and price of your guest parking spaces. Allow residents to make their spaces available, or do it for them.

feature garage door opener

Digital garage door opener

Provide guests secure parking access during their stay without giving a physical item with Access+.

feature guest parking

Guest parking made easy

GuestParq allows residents to transfer parking passes to guests prior to their arrival.

feature simpler access management

Simpler access management

No need for decals or QR code readers (but we still support decal and QR readers if you want them).

feature parking enforcement tools

Real-time enforcement tools

See exactly which vehicle should be in which spot and when, plus which resident the car is associated with.

feature paperless ticketing

Paperless ticketing system

Enforcer app lets you manage repeat parking violators without paper tickets (although we support printed tickets if you want them).

feature secure parking technology

Secure, always-on technology

ParqEx technology is cloud-hosted for the highest performance, security, and reliability.

feature cross-platform convenience

Cross-platform convenience

ParqEx technology is seamless across platforms, including desktop, iOS, Android, Windows, & more.

Case Study

112 North May Street


ParqEx’s Marketplace and Enforcer solutions allowed the developer to generate over $72,000 in parking revenue without a local presence, and with the flexibility of a 30-day out to adjust for construction and tenant needs.


Trusted by:


“We have so many people and suppliers coming in and out of our construction sites, there was no way to know who was who or who was where. Now, I can track every vehicle that comes or goes across all our job sites, from my pocket. Plus ParqEx adds the gate opener any time we need it on a job, which let’s me manage site security in real-time.”

-Janet A., Logistics Manager

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