The Hamptons West Condominiums in Florida Improves Parking Allocation Efficiency Rating by >99.9% with ParqEx

Hamptons West Condominiums ParqEx Parking Management Solution
Hamptons West Condominiums ParqEx Parking Management Solution


The central issue at Hamptons West was the equitable distribution of parking spaces. A shortage of spaces and a distribution system that always led to residents feeling upset and shorted unquestionably led to resident dissatisfaction. With a growing community and limited parking spots, the existing first-come, first-served policy was no longer a likable solution for Hamptons West. A transparent system with fair and equal access to parking was needed for all residents. Property managers simultaneously needed a way to systemically manage the specific needs of unit owners and tenants that arise, and aid them in implementing an efficient parking lease management solution.


Implementing the ParqEx Lease Management Solution at Hamptons West helped solve the everyday community management problems, resulting in a fair and efficient parking system, improved tenant compliance, and increased resident satisfaction. Additional results of the ParqEx tech suite solution include:

• Resolved the parking allocation challenges faced daily by the community.
• Created equitable distribution of spaces.
• Automated reminders contributed to a decline in lapsed leases.
• Created efficient validation process that maintained high compliance within the community.
• Ensured tenants upheld their responsibilities in terms of parking.
• Provided Modernaire with new, value-added tech amenities to make available to residents and future prospects.


LOCATION: 20281 E Country Club Dr. Aventura, FL 33180

Situated right on the water in sunny Aventura, Florida, The Hamptons West Condominiums are comprised of five distinct buildings offering luxury two-, three-, and four-bedroom units.







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Hamptons West Condominiums Seek Full Parking Allocation & Resident Solution

A tailored parking and internal management solution

ParqEx began Phase 1 with comprehensive analysis that identified vital requirements, including a fair parking reservation system in which residents can easily reserve parking, a lease management module for tenants to help property management and owners, and an automated reminder system for lease renewals that aids both property management and tenants.



Five buildings, hundreds of spots, one solution

ParqEx designed an intuitive and straightforward application tailored to differentiate between owners and tenants. Additionally, ParqEx provided a user-friendly interface for parking space reservation and lease management. Over the course of four weeks, ParqEx developed and integrated the lease document submission and management modules with the existing ParqEx parking app, ensuring a seamless user experience for management, staff, and all residents at Hamptons West.



“ParqEx has not only relieved our team of hundreds of potential hours of management and resolution work, but the residents of Hampton’s West have shown satisfaction with the new system across the board.”

Victoria M.

Property Manager, Hamptons West Condominiums



Testing, training, and roll-out

The ParqEx team ran through a rigorous testing phase to ensure that the reminder and notification systems operated flawlessly, sent timely alerts to tenants about lease renewals, and inherently prevented parking privilege suspensions and unnecessary parking violations. Once confirmed that the system was flawlessly operating, ParqEx then took to training the staff. The training provided user guides and detailed explanations like any new technology or system. Tenants and property managers received training on the new system, facilitating a smooth transition and adoption of the technology at Hamptons West.



Set it, forget it, but support it

The ParqEx Lease Management Solution was successfully deployed at the property and saved the staff and property managers hundreds of hours or parking management work. While we have set up Hamptons West with a virtually hands-off solution, we always continue to provide ongoing support and system monitoring.

The solutions for Hamptons West Condominiums

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