Monarch 716 Buffalo Activates ParqEx Technology to Add Valued Amenity for Student Residents, Management

Monarch 716 Buffalo | Buffalo Student Living | ParqEx Solutions
Monarch 716 Buffalo | Buffalo Student Living | ParqEx Solutions


With students, family, and friends entering and exiting the different buildings across the Buffalo campus, the issue at Monarch 716 Buffalo was one of access, but the complaints and ultimate goals were two-sided. First, the students and tenants at Monarch found it inconvenient that they had to be home to let a guest in. Furthermore, they were required to stop what they were doing, go downstairs to the main entryways, and open the property doors to give access to their visitors. Outdoor gates required tenants to go outside to give access, which was an uncomfortable necessity, particularly in the brutal winters in Buffalo. On the property side, a major security headache persisted. Property managers needed a better way to know who was coming and going on the apartment grounds at all times. They also wanted to eliminate any possibility of tenants providing access codes to the buildings to outsiders, as well as preventing any sharing of fobs, which not only provide a major security risk, but if lost or broken, come with considerable added time and expense.


ParqEx completely revolutionized the access system for Monarch 716 Buffalo, which allowed tenants and their guests a much simpler and more modern way to access the buildings. For management, the property now had an added amenity to offer current and prospective tenants, but more importantly— provided a fully secure system with advanced reporting and real-time insight to the properties. The ultimate result was greatly reduced security risks, countless staff hours saved from access and device management, and significant cost elimination associated with the purchase, repair, management, and tracking of fobs, key cards, and transponders.


LOCATION: 100 Forest Ave, Buffalo, NY

Managed by blue-chip company Greystar Worldwide, Monarch 716 Buffalo is a student housing apartment complex just blocks away from Buffalo State University, in Buffalo, New York, and less than 5 minutes from the US-Canadian Peace Bridge.

Monarch is comprised of beautifully-styled two- and four-bedroom homes and offers a relaxing living environment where students can unwind from the day-to-day college experience. Amenities include a 24-hour fitness center, relaxing, resort-style pool, and bowling alley.


Multi-Building Apartments





Secure doors & gates



9 (1/building)

Monarch 716 Buffalo Requires Multi-Building Entry Access Solution for Student Apartments

A non-parking issue of access

ParqEx first sat down with the management of Monarch 716 Buffalo and Greystar to listen to the pain points reported by the students’ and guests’ regarding building access. The team also meticulously noted the various security risks involved with the current building access system, as well as the security and tracking desires of the management team for the new access plan.



An access solution with parking roots

The solution for Monarch 716 Buffalo was actually born from an evolution of the ParqEx’s Access+ parking app technology, which was originally designed for touchless entry and exit for authorized vehicles. Leveraging the same technology, ParqEx launched the Access+ Pedestrian Touchless Door Opener, which offers highly secure, authorized-only access to locked interior and exterior pedestrian doors, using nothing but a piece of hand-held hardware everyone was already carrying: a smartphone. The Access+ Pedestrian Door Opener was the ideal solution for a property like Monarch 716, with multiple buildings that each have secure entry points.



“It’s incredible what ParqEx’s Access+ system has provided us. We’ve saved a bundle eliminating key fobs and operational expenses, but the security and insight into entries in invaluable. Furthermore, overall tenant satisfaction with access is highly improved and dare I say—fun to use!”

Latifa Williams

Property Manager, Monarch 716



Control for the tenants of Monarch 716

This Access+ upgrade would give control to the tenants, who could continue to come and go as they pleased, but now without having to remember or enter codes or keep track of fobs. Another perk for the student tenants— if a guest arrived, they could now unlock the doors to the building REMOTELY from wherever they were, just by opening and tapping on the Access+ app. Even better was the GuestAccess feature, in which a tenant could provide access permissions to their guest, who, once accepted, could now come and go as he or she pleased using their own phone­— perfect for long-term guests. The access could be set with a start and end date and time, and would be granted only for the building being visited. No keys, fobs, or codes. No waiting around.



An amenity for tenants, a dream for management

For building management, they would not only have a new, feature-rich amenity to provide to tenants, they would also gain master control of the entire system with fully transparent insight into the access activity of the property. Management could grant, revoke, or override access in just a click, and through a feature-rich admin dashboard, could see exactly who was entering any door, at any building, at any time— in real-time. Historical records and robust reporting of the dashboard would provide full, secure control to management.

The solution for Monarch 716 Buffalo

Access Plus TOUCHLESS Touchless Door Operator | Pedestrian Door Opener

Never touch a handle again

Access+ Touchless offers highly secure, authorized-only access to locked, interior, and exterior pedestrian doors. Authorized visitors can open doors using their smartphone. No keys, fobs, or touching of doors needed. Retrofits any door!

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