340 on the Park Enjoys 100% Reporting Improvement and 20% Staff Time Savings

340 on the Park | 340 E Randolph St | Chicago | Parking Solutions
340 on the Park | 340 E Randolph St | Chicago | Parking Solutions


Built with spectacular views of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan, 340 on the Park is known for providing some of the highest quality of living in the city. Residents choose to live there in order to experience the best location, service, and amenities available. Similarly, residents expect their guests to also have a superior experience when visiting the building. Since parking is expensive and inconvenient in the area, the 340 OTP HOA Board instituted a “give to get” parking system so that guests can park at the building for free, so long as the resident having them over also makes their spots available for the program.


During the pilot period usage of ParqEx steadily increased, and at the conclusion the 340 on the Park Board officially adopted the technology. Residents participating in the guest parking program quickly saw the value, as did guests  (especially frequent visitors). In addition, management staff saved time and had improved transparency into who was using the program and how much.  


LOCATION: 340 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL

340 On the Park (“340 OTP”) is a luxury condominium high rise tower located in Chicago’s Lakeshore East neighborhood. The building is 64 stories tall and includes an underground parking garage that extends six floors below grade. 340 OTP was the first residential high rise in Chicago to meet silver LEED environmental standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The property is managed by Lieberman Management Services, an award-winning Chicago company that serves more than 45,000 residences in more than 250 condominium associations across the area.


Luxury Condominium High-rise





Secure Parking Garage




340 on the Park Seeks Guest Parking Amenity and Better Access Reporting

An investigation required

The front desk staff often struggled to keep up with demand. They were expected to manually record the available spaces, book them for arriving guests, and track credits toward future guest parking needs using a binder stationed at the desk. This was time-consuming for the staff, difficult to make on-the-fly adjustments, and also resulted in a frustrating guest experience because they would have to get our of their vehicle (sometimes in sub-zero or scorching temperatures) to “check in” at the desk. These shortcomings, along with the fact that it was difficult for residents to reserve guest parking ahead of time, led the 340 on the Park HOA Board to investigate better alternatives.



ParqEx meets with staff & residents

The ensuing investigation identified ParqEx, a technology company with solutions tailored to the parking needs of privately-owned buildings such as 340 OTP. ParqEx met with residents and staff to understand each group’s needs, and conducted site surveys to gather details of the building characteristics. After providing a detailed proposal, the 340 OTP Board agreed to run a pilot program with the technology to test out its capabilities.



“We had been looking for a better way to run our guest parking program, and ParqEx was the only solution that met all our needs. And it has delivered – for the residents, guests, and our staff.”

Amy Eickhoof

Property Manager, 340 on the Park



Access for an IoT world

To get started, ParqEx installed its proprietary Access+ technology so that guests would be able to park as soon as they arrive – rather than having to check in first. Access+ allows users to control garage and pedestrian doors with the ParqEx mobile app on their smartphone, rather than relying on a separate item such as a clicker or a fob.



Relief for 340 on the Park Staff

With the entry process improved, ParqEx set to alleviating the management burden. They configured their GuestParq solution to operate as an unpaid amenity, and held training sessions with staff and residents to ensure everyone knew the key features. Within a few days, all guest parking transactions were being handled by GuestParq and the system was automatically capturing all the data that used to be recorded by hand.

The solutions for 340 on the Park

Access Plus App (Access+) Control doors, gates, garage & more

Control ANY access point

Total, secure access to doors, gates, garages, and more— right from the palm of your hand. Full real-time admin control.

GuestParq by ParqEx - Guest Parking Made Easy | Private Guest Parking | Visitor Parking

Secure guest parking

Eliminate the hassle of managing visitor parking and makes guests’ lives easier when they arrive.

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