1660 Condominium Chicago Boosts Operations by Leveraging ParqEx Technology Suite

1660 Condominium Chicago | 1660 N LaSalle | Parking Solutions
1660 Condominium Chicago | 1660 N LaSalle | Parking Solutions


In a condominium building where residents and their guests expect to experience convenient amenities, 1660 Condominium Chicago not only sought to improve their internal parking and billing procedures, but also desired to upgrade the parking experience for their residents.  Since parking is both expensive, limited and inconvenient in the area, management sought to monetize their available parking while ensuring resident security. They required an easier way for residents to gain seamless access to their parking, coupled with a better parking management platform for staff to manage the internal resident parking database for invoicing, assigning spots, access management, and more. The tech and operational improvements also had to operate in tandem with physical improvements— the 1660 parking garage would be undergoing a significant renovation that would last nine months requiring strategic flexibility to relocate parkers in order for the Association to not lose the anticipated monthly income or inconvenience residents to have to park elsewhere during the construction.


ParqEx enhanced parking for 1660 Condominium Chicago management, its residents and their guests, and helped to create more parking opportunities for visitors who struggle with the limited availability in the neighborhood. Residents enjoy a convenient parking system powered by the latest in technology and management enjoys an overall improvement in efficiency and security while generating parking revenue through the ParqEx Marketplace.


LOCATION: 1660 N La Salle Dr, Chicago, IL 60614

Managed by FirstService Residential, one of Chicago’s premier property management companies, 1660 Condominium Chicago is a 42-story high-rise located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago’s North Side. Originally built in 1972, this building is home to approximately 500-units.

The property includes a door-secured garage housing 412 parking spots on four levels, including a mix of parking spaces reserved for residents and their guests, combined with spaces available to external drivers looking for secured parking in the neighborhood.







Gated, secure multi-level parking garage




1660 Condominium Chicago Seeks Full Parking Solution for Multi-Level Garage

A plan of attack

After the initial meetings with the management of 1660 Condominium Chicago to determine the needs, challenges and timelines of the parking upgrades, ParqEx also held both in-person and virtual town hall discussions with all of the residents to discuss questions or concerns regarding the parking enhancements and provided customized training material for both staff and residents. This was done both for the initial start-up transition and at the start of construction. Customized training manuals for staff, authorized parkers and residents for guest parking were also provided.



Security, access, enforcement, amenities

Implemented in early 2020, secure access was priority one, to which ParqEx implemented its Access+ platform, Marketplace, GuestParq, Enforcer and its Internal Resident Management solutions. Marketplace and GuestParq allows 1660 to list designated parking spaces for rent on dates and times of vacancy providing improved monetization through precision market listings. Access+ is used to open the door during reservation times allowing authorized non-resident external parkers the ability to open the garage door from their smart phones, thereby eliminating the need to distribute garage door remotes. It also accepts credit card payments replacing the time consuming task of monthly billing and receivables. Each time the door is operated, the ParqEx system identifies authorized users and records when and who accessed it, in real-time. Should a vehicle be accidentally parked in the wrong parking spot, the Enforcer app allows staff oversight of all parking activity with the ability to identify another authorized user in the system who then may be contacted to relocate their vehicle to the correct parking spot to avoid being towed and/or enforce violations. In addition, ParqEx also implemented GuestParq, which empowers residents and staff with the ability to assign approved access to visiting guests in advance using credit card payments; thereby, improving efficiency, security and convenience.



“ParqEx has truly been a partner with 1660 to customize parking solutions for our internal resident monthly parking, resident daily guest parking and non-resident external monthly parking amenities. Their team is responsive and professional offering creative strategic solutions to help increase income and improve efficiencies for parkers and staff alike!”

Shirley Feldmann

Property Manager, 1660 Condominium Chicago



Phase 2, covered

In 2022, 1660 Condominium Chicago underwent a 9-month garage renovation project. The options were either to ask all parkers to vacate the premises during construction, which would result in considerable lost income, or temporarily relocate vehicles from the active construction areas to available spots within the garage. ParqEx was asked to help temporarily relocate drivers to new parking spaces or levels within the garage to ensure everyone still had safe and secure parking during 8-phases of construction. Using ParqEx, 1660 emerged with not only a beautiful new parking garage, but with minimal lost income or resident inconvenience to have to seek parking elsewhere.

The solutions for 1660 Condominium Chicago

Access Plus App (Access+) Control doors, gates, garage & more

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Private Parking Marketplace | Find Parking | Rent Parking | ParqEx App

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GuestParq by ParqEx - Guest Parking Made Easy | Private Guest Parking | Visitor Parking

Secure guest parking

Eliminate the hassle of managing visitor parking and makes guests’ lives easier when they arrive.

Enforcer App | Real-Time Parking Enforcement App | ParqEx

Parking enforcement

Quickly, easily verify vehicles on one or multiple properties, and issue violations instantly.

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