Silver Tower Chicago Instantly Adds $1,600 Monthly Revenue with ParqEx

Silver Tower Chicago | 303 W. Ohio St., Chicago Illinois | Parking Solutions
Silver Tower Chicago | 303 W. Ohio St., Chicago Illinois | Parking Solutions


As a high-end building located in one of Chicago’s most popular areas, Silver Tower Chicago was designed to have the finest set of amenities possible. However, since inception it had always lacked a parking solution for guests to the building. This was a constant frustration for residents, because public parking options in the area are expensive and inconvenient. Residents would frequently complain to management and the HOA Board about the situation.

A complicating factor was the unusual set-up of the Silver Tower garage, which included two separate garage doors, multiple fobbed pedestrian doors, and a long distance between the building lobby and the garage exits. The HOA Board was eager to find a new revenue source and knew that offering guest parking to residents could deliver it, but the complicated arrangement had always made it difficult to find a solution.


GuestParq was received very positively by residents, guests, and staff alike, and complaints about the lack of parking have essentially ended. The program was heavily used from the first day it was launched, and the HOA started receiving additional income right away.

The figures above are numbers realized in just the first 8 weeks of instituting the ParqEx parking technologies.


LOCATION: 303 W Ohio St, Chicago, IL

Silver Tower is a 39-story condominium building located in heart of Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Completed in 2010, it features a modern architectural style with prominent glass windows and amazing skyline views.

The building is managed by The Habitat Company, a full-service property development and management firm based in Chicago that covers rental residences, condominiums, affordable housing, and everything in between.


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Silver Tower Chicago Solves Access and Guest Parking Issues

A long-sought-after parking solution for Silver Tower Chicago

After hearing about ParqEx’s GuestParq offering, Silver Tower was confident that it perfectly suited their needs for a guest parking program that would generate income for the HOA. GuestParq met all their requirements, such as: limiting reservations only to residents, gathering guest vehicle details, processing payments, and providing transparency into usage (for security) and earnings (for finances). ParqEx could also implement the program in a phased approach so that they could start with just the five parking spots owned by the HOA before expanding to all resident-owned spots at a later date. The main question remaining for the building was: how would guests get into the garage, and then into the building, without stopping by the lobby and obtaining a security fob?



ParqEx had the answer

The flexibility of their proprietary Access+ technology allows it to be configured to multiple access points at a property – including both garage doors and fobbed pedestrian doors. This means that users can control these points with their smartphones using the ParqEx mobile app, rather than needing a physical items such as a clicker or a fob. ParqEx therefore installed Access+ onto both of Silver Tower’s garage doors, and then coordinated with a security vendor to configure it for three pedestrian doors to the elevator lobbies. With these efforts completed, guests would be able to seamlessly travel from the street to their parking spot to the resident’s doorstep without stopping at the front desk.



“We’d been searching a long time for a solution to our parking needs. ParqEx was the only one that could do everything we wanted. And they’ve delivered — we’re very pleased.”

Laura Norris

Community Manager, The Silver Tower Condominium Association



A step above-and-beyond

To round out the implementation, ParqEx helped Silver Tower Chicago management staff increase resident awareness of the new program by crafting emails, designing informational handouts, and holding lobby events. They also trained staff on the platform and administrative tools to help make their oversight easier.

The solutions for Silver Tower Chicago

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GuestParq by ParqEx - Guest Parking Made Easy | Private Guest Parking | Visitor Parking

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