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Should You Invest In Real Estate This Year - ParqEx Guest Blog

Should You Invest in Real Estate This Year

According to a UBS survey on investor sentiment, 69% feel bullish about investments and expect the economy to continue to grow in the coming months. There’s also a lot of people planning to invest in assets, including real estate, as a way to protect their portfolios from inflation. Reports suggest that U.S. investors are considering real estate more than ever before – but is this a good idea? Although it may sound appealing initially, investors need to assess several key factors before jumping on the bandwagon. And here’s what you need to consider before investing in real estate this year.

Benefits of ParqEx White Label Parking Solution - Your Brand, Our Tech

Benefits of ParqEx White Label Parking Solutions

In today’s world of dog-eat-dog business development, white labeling is a solution brought to the table more often than most might think. Every company is looking for ways to get ahead of its competition while maintaining a high ROI. Consequently, white labeling is a highly desired solution.

Commercial & industrial enterprises, co-working companies, and property management firms: are you looking to integrate a white label parking solution into your technology to gain a competitive edge over your competitors? Keep on reading below! 

ParqEx App Update – New Features, & Fixes Release

ParqEx App Update – v5.409.1

We’ve just released a new ParqEx App Update – v5.409.1, which includes important upgrades, features, and bug fixes. Please upgrade to the new version of the ParqEx mobile app to take advantage of these enhancements. As always, all of your data, listings, bookings, settings, and history will remain intact. Please see below to learn more about the upgrades and enhancements to the app.