The Avenue offers monthly parking leases, EV parking, and handicap parking options to their tenants via the ParqEx parking platform. Due to the limited availability of parking spaces on the property, each unit is allocated 1 parking space and then if there additional parking spaces available, they are offered to the tenants/residents/renters who have more than 1 bedroom unit on a first-come, first-served basis through the ParqEx parking app. Parking rates vary across the different parking zones: GARAGE vs ADJACENT vs ACROSS. Monthly parking is offered for a minimum 3-months lease, then renewable on a monthly basis.



The parking amenity at the “The Avenue at East Falls” (“Avenue”) is only for tenants with active leases. When a tenant moves in, they are provided information on how the parking program works and the requirements. You must register your vehicle information accurately to avoid getting ticketed or towed. Tenants may register guest vehicle information on the ParEx app.

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    Parking Locations

    The Avenue at East Falls, an apartment complex in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in collaboration with ParqEx, is implementing a comprehensive parking program to streamline and secure parking for all tenants. For any additional queries or support, the Avenue’s management team and ParqEx support are readily available. The below information defines the three main parking areas, outlines how the program works, and addresses frequently asked questions. 

    As seen in this overhead view, The Avenue has 3 parking areas/zones for tenants: GARAGE, ADJACENT and ACROSS. Below, we define these parking locations along with any requirements for access and available amenities.


    This indoor, secure parking garage connects to the main building and requires a garage door opener/FOB or the ParqEx Access+ app to access. The GARAGE also has the ParqEx License Plate Reader (LPR) cameras that automatically open the garage door when an authorized vehicle approaches.  


    This lot is located next to the main residential apartment building, secured by gate arms that require the FOB or ParqEx Access+ app to access the lot. This lot also has the ParqEx License Plate Reader (LPR) cameras that automatically open the gate arm when an authorized vehicle approaches the ENTRY or EXIT. 

    EV PARKING HERE. The EV parking is currently only available in the ADJACENT lot and only to tenants with an ongoing monthly parking reservation through ParqEx. EV spaces can be reserved for up to 4 hours at a time. To reserve an EV charging space, go to 


    This outdoor, secure parking lot is on the opposite side of the main apartment building, secured by gate arms that require the FOB or ParqEx Access+ app to access. This lot also has the ParqEx License Plate Reader (LPR) cameras that automatically open the gate arm when an authorized vehicle approaches the ENTRY or EXIT. 


    Vehicles using ADA parking spaces must display the handicap/ADA tags. Vehicles owners can upload their government issued ADA/Handicap parking permits on the ParqEx platform via the Document Management module.

    How to reserve your parking space


    Sign up for ParqEx

    Please visit to register for your ParqEx account.

    Download the free ParqEx app from your smart phone or use the web app.

    Download ParqEx on iTunes! Download ParqEx for Android!


    Select Your Space

    In the app, from the “RENTER” side of the menu, tap “Book Parking”. Select your parking space, enter your proper information, and book it.
    If you need a second space, contact ParqEx customer support at


    Confirm Your Information & Park!

    Make sure you have entered your accurate vehicle information (Make, Model, License Plate). 

    That’s it! Enjoy your parking with ParqEx!

    User Guide

    Step by step instructions

    Video Tutorial

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I register for the parking program?

    Visit the signup landing page at to create your account and sign the parking agreement.


    What are the parking options available?

    There are three zones – GARAGE, ADJACENT, and ACROSS. Monthly parking leases are available, and spaces are allocated based on apartment size.


    How does the Airbnb parking management work?

    Airbnb units can manage their assigned parking spaces through a dedicated portal, allowing them to update guest vehicle information as needed.


    What is the policy for EV charging spaces?

    EV charging spaces can be reserved for a maximum of 4 hours. Pricing and reservation can be managed through the EV charging reservation page.


    How do I reserve an EV charging space?

    Approved tenants may reserve an EV charging space through the ParqEx app on their smartphone, or by reserving at


    How are parking prices determined?

    Parking rates vary across different zones. Current leaseholders maintain their rates for the duration of their lease. Updated rates apply for new reservations.


    How does the lease upload and notification system work?

    Tenants are required to upload their lease documents via the ParqEx platform. Automatic notifications will be sent for missing, expiring, or expired leases.


    What are the rules for enforcement and towing?

    Enforcement will be lenient for the first three months. A relationship with a towing company ensures proper management, with rules set for ticketing and towing procedures.


    How does staff parking work?

    Staff parking spaces are allocated and managed through the ParqEx platform, with vehicles listed on the Do Not Tow (DNT) list.


    Are there any special accommodations for tenants?

    Special accommodations can be arranged upon request. Details should be provided in the tenant spreadsheet to ParqEx.


    How do I find more information about the parking program?

    Visit the marketing information page for comprehensive details and the program guide.


    How is parking enforcement managed?

    ParqEx coordinates with a towing company for enforcement. The first three months will have lenient enforcement to allow tenants to adjust to the new system. 


    Can tenants change their parking space?

    Yes, tenants may switch to a different available space within their lease term, subject to availability. 


    Are handicap parking spaces available?

    ADA-compliant parking spaces are reservable via the ParqEx app. Tenants must upload government-issued handicap permits on the platform. 


    How is parking for Airbnb units managed?

    Each Airbnb unit can manage its parking space through a dedicated portal, updating guest vehicle information as needed. 


    What are the consequences of not following parking rules?

    Non-compliance with parking rules may result in warnings, fines, or towing, as per the Avenue’s and ParqEx’s enforcement policies. 

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