ParqEx Spot Mascot

Spot is a key member of the ParqEx family. After spending countless years as a veteran of a downtown Chicago firehouse, he retired from the hook-n-ladder to pursue a less stressful but equally noble job – to improve parking in and around the city. Asking him about his days on the force, he barked, “Our unit’s response times to emergencies was among the best in the country. The problem was when we got to the address, we couldn’t ever find a place to park the truck.” It left him scratching his ears, thinking there had to be a solution…


One day while on a walk, Spot bumped into a man on the street who was complaining to a meter maid about the lack of parking around town. This man was Vivek Mehra. The two immediately hit it off. The next day Spot and Vivek sat down over a coffee and a bone (not respectively), frantically scribbling road maps, screens, and code architecture on the back of napkins. ParqEx was born.


Today, Spot helps ParqEx users begin their searches for better parking. You’ll see him the next time you look for a parking spot on the ParqEx app.  He was never the biggest, the strongest, or the oldest, but he is certainly the smartest at seeking great parking spots. Therefore, he has become a valued member of the team and helps us find or list parking spots.


But the point of the story is — Spot is awesome. And parking stinks unless you’re using ParqEx.

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