Product Update 4-10

Product Update 4-10 – We’ve released an all-new, improved version of our ParqEx platform that is packed with upgrades and features that have been designed specifically to make your ability to find or list a parking spot faster and simpler.

In This Current Update, We Have:

*Improved the user flow when renting a spot at an Access+ property, the Garage Door Opener now directs you to directly open the garage from the home screen.

*When searching for properties with multiple spots that are sold out, it will now show as sold on the search page.

*After reserving a spot, you are now able to transfer the reservation to another user directly from the confirmation page

*When loading a new page, it will automatically scroll to the top

*Made improvements to monthly parking subscription renewals

Product Features and Updates will typically be improved not only for our desktop versions but for Android and iPhone products as well.

For more questions about parking or our app in Chicago or anywhere else in the US, contact us today!

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