ParqEx 2.0 Mobile App

We’ve released an all-new, highly improved version of our ParqEx 2.0 Mobile App that is jam-packed with upgrades and features that have been designed specifically to make your ability to find or list a parking spot faster and simpler.


General Enhancements


It doesn’t just work better, it looks & feels better too! We have completely redesigned the look and feel of our app which gives you better control and faster clicks getting you where you need to be. This means a faster booking process or a smoother walkthrough on listing your spot.

Highly Improved Search

We are now able to provide a faster, much larger results with well-organized spot details.

This new search is able to provide you with far faster search results. Your phone will now be able to produce big, bold pricing you can’t miss! Redesigned a new sort & filter features making it easier to determine what specifics are important to you and the closest spot available in real time! You are given access to now request a spot on our platform even if the availability is not there. This contacts the owner to let them know you are interested.

Details for the parking spot have been upgraded themselves as well. You are now able to scroll through multiple photos for listings. Not sure about a spot? You are able to review the star rating of the property and or parking spot front and center. All information is now condensed for you as the renter to digest easier. We have now been able to provide the distance to your destination. No longer will you have to guess if it will be too far or not!

Better Checkout & Bookings

Checking out should not be a hassle and within seconds you will be able to book your spot with our new, streamlined process. One page checkout has made its way to our mobile apps and it’s amazing. Have two vehicles that you use at your parking spot? No worries, we have made it easier than ever to change your vehicle information. Keep track of multiple payment options? We have you covered you will be able to manage all payment information on one page in seconds.

Introducing GuestParq

Friends or family need to use your spot when they are coming to visit. You are now able to transfer a booking to a guest – That’s guest parking made easy!

You and your guests are able to transfer bookings with one tap on your reservation screen. Following your transfer, the guest will be notified that a spot has been provided to them. Guests are now able to access your garage via the app. No longer do you have to provide a fob or go down to let them in. Our Access + technology is installed in your building making entering and exiting a breeze.

As a property manager, there are more than a few efforts made to make managing of the property easier. With GuestParq you will always know who is coming & going. You now can offer your residents a true added value that was never imaginable prior. This also makes your life easier because it condenses your management efforts and now able to reduce them.

Listing & Managing Spots

Becoming an owner can have its intimidations but we have made listing your spot and the management of your spot(s) all in one place. We have narrowed down this process to three simple and fast steps for you!

The owner experience has been improved at a lightning-fast pace. This three-step process is now simplified to choose a property, add a spot, and then list! You now have the ability to control who is able to rent your spot. No longer are you restricted to a single image on your listing, post multiple images and a video if you please!

Have multiple properties and spots that you manage? No problem, there is now a single dashboard for all your listings. This gives you the ability to manage one or multiple properties at one time with no extra clicks! Clone your parking spot and listing availability with just a tap. Navigation of the 3-tier page structure has made you more in control than ever.



For more questions about parking or our app in Chicago or anywhere else in the US, contact us today!

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