Welcome Chicago Mayfair partners! Mayfair is a phenomenal neighborhood in the north side of Chicago near Albany Park and Old Irving Park. It is known for having old-fashioned housing in the neighborhood. Walk around and look at the historic bungalows in the area. There is a good amount of diverse restaurants such as Ay Ay Picante and Ssyal Ginseng House. All of the restaurants are easy to walk to and the streets are well-lit at night.

Mayfair offers the Irish American Heritage Center which includes a library, museum, art gallery, auditorium and pub inside. Local restaurants surround the center so make sure to check those out. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t leave without trying Red Ribbon they have great Filipino desserts!

Find a show at the Irish Theater of Chicago or explore the nightlife at O’Donnell’s. Bring some friends to the karaoke bar, Sidekicks. There are a few fitness centers in the Mayfair area with a popular choice of XSport Fitness. The Mayfair Park is a great area to bring your pets to or to meet new people living in the area. They have activities such as horseshoe, shuffleboard and tennis courts.

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