B E Atlas Company

History of the B.E. Altas Company

March 1963 B.E. Atlas Co. is born.
From long established roots in the hardware industry 2 small wholesalers, Atlas Wholesale and B&E Supply plus outside sales talents merge and move to larger 5,000 sq. ft. facility.
1970 B.E. Atlas changes format to cash and carry cost plus 10% in an attempt to give independent hardware dealers low cost source of supply to fight the Ace & Tru Value coops. Computerization is here.
1972 B.E. Atlas moves to current 57,000 sq. ft. facility and begins 60 hour per week schedule.
April 1975 Our 2nd Location
Atlas South, Inc. is born with acquisition of Ashland wholesale and move into 53,000 sq. ft. south side facility.
1987 Founding fathers yield to 2nd generation after a combined apprenticeship of 38 years between 3 sons and son-in-law.
1989 B.E. Atlas becomes member of ProGroup, Inc. to strengthen purchasing power and vendor relationships.
1995 National Sales department formed to sell and service vendor referrals of “orphan customers” looking for a source of supply.
1996 Feeder services to local chain stores begins.
1997 Field sales force added to new industrial tool sales program to fill void in market resulting from failure of local specialty tool wholesaler.
Nov. 1998 BEAtlas.com is launched as the newest frontier for B.E. Atlas Co. into the 21st century.
Oct. 2012 BEAtlas.com is re-launched as an updated version of the initial online store.



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