Vivek Mehra, CEO, and Founder of ParqEx started the company in April of 2014. He has built the company to what it is today through ideation, product development, technological innovation, building a stellar team, raising capital and strategic partnerships and collaboration throughout Chicago and nationally.

As a technology founder, Vivek has over 20 years of technical leadership experience and an outstanding track record of creating a vision, setting strategic direction, and steering innovative technology road-maps to align with corporate strategy and business objectives. He has worked for Fortune 500 and start-up companies as a Software Developer, Technology Architect, Chief Technology Officer, Board of Director, and, Founder.

Vivek also specializes in finding and unlocking hidden revenue in underutilized parking assets for real estate firms, property managers, HOAs, developers, and more. If you’re interested in adding significant residual revenue using the assets you already have, adding a valued amenity to your tenant property that attracts and holds residents, or upping your security measures across one or multiple properties, talk to Vivek immediately! If you have a specific IoT or tech question, ask Vivek!

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