With Access+ Premium by ParqEx, approved drivers can open any secure electronic door, garage door, lift arm, or gate simply by pulling up the License Plate Reader access point in their registered vehicle. No phone or app is needed. No more key cards, tickets, fobs, or punch pads to pay for or manage— and no more waiting for drivers.


Access+ Premium leverages license plate reader (LPR) camera technology, allowing property owners to simplify management and improve security and control of the property while adding convenience for drivers and a valuable amenity to residents, tenants, and visitors.

Advantages of LPR for Real-Estate & Transportation

The Advantages of LPR

The world is always changing. By and large, inventions and innovations have always been a driving force for the world’s prosperity. Today, technology and artificial intelligence have allowed us to push through boundaries and imagine greater possibilities than ever before. With these advancements, the parking industry has also drastically changed to facilitate parking, make safety a priority, and give property management a sense of security they didn’t know existed before. With technological strides in parking management and real estate technology, License Plate Reading (LPR) tech has reached a point where it’s being put to use in hundreds of cities nationwide. Real-estate owners and property managers, are you wondering what are the advantages of LPR? Keep on reading below!