Book your Parking at The NoVo Apartments

216 South Pinckney Street, Madison, WI, 53703

216 South Pinckney Street has secure garage parking available at the new NoVo Apartment building. Have you been searching for monthly parking by the square? What about short-term parking? Do you need parking over the weekend? Do you have an electric vehicle that needs charging during the day? Is your Tesla already running out of juice? Look no further. The NoVo has parking available, along with 5 EV charging stations! For any need or question, follow below and book your 216 South Pinckney Street parking!

The Novo Apartments Madison Wi
The Novo Apartments Madison Wi

How to park at The Novo Apartments


Download ParqEx App

Download the free ParqEx app to your smartphone.

Sign up using the straightforward process & we’ll send you a verification email that you can apply directly to your account.

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Book A Parking Spot

In the app, tap “Rent a parking spot.” Our app will guide you through three easy steps to get your 216 South Pinckney Street parking reserved on the ParqEx Marketplace.

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Remotely Access Doors

• Download and open the Access + App on your phone.
• Enter in login credentials provided to you & click “Sign In.”
• Automatically brought to the property you have access to – select the corresponding door you’d wish to open & voila! You’ve gained access to your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve monthly parking at the NoVo apartments?

Go to the search location bar in the ParqEx app and type “216 South Pinckney.” Enter the start date for your monthly rental and click “FIND PARKING.” Select the “216 South Pinckney” property from the search results. Choose the spot you wish to book and click “book it.” Fill out your payment and vehicle information, then click “Place Order.”


How does the monthly parking subscription work?

When you book a monthly parking spot, you get charged for the first month when making the reservation. Then, on the last day of each month, you will be charged for the upcoming month. (Ex: If you make the reservation on April 12th for May, you will be charged on April 12th. For the following months, you will be charged on May 31st, June 30th, etc.)


How do I cancel a monthly subscription?

Log in to the app, go to “My Orders,” and click on “Cancel Subscription.”

NOTE: Cancelling your monthly subscription does not cancel your current ongoing reservation; it results in the next month’s subscription not renewing.


Can I cancel and get a refund on an ongoing reservation?

As per the owner’s terms of conditions, you cannot get a refund for a transaction that has already begun.


How can I change the email address on file with ParqEx?

Contact ParqEx Customer support with the correct email address, and you’ll be set up with a new account.

Can’t find what you need?

If you need help or need to ask us a question, just send us an email here.

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