Secure Access control for 512 E Green St Apartments

A luxury amenity at 512 E Green St, Champaign, IL 61820

As of April 1, 2021, 512 E Green Apartment residents will be able to securely access the apartment building via the ParqEx Access+ app. Secure access control for 512 E Green Apartments is only available to authorized residents and must be approved by the property management, check out the instructions below.


You must be a resident at 512 E Green Apartments (512 E. Green St., Champaign, IL 61820) and authorized by the property management. Only authorized residents will have the property available in the ParqEx Access+ app and can use the app as a remote control to operate the doors at the property. Please make sure to provide accurate email and cell phone numbers to get access to the property.


The goal of the program is to ease the frustrations of accessing the property by using state-of-the-art access technology that allows you to operate the doors remotely from your apartment to get a pizza delivery or give access to your guests. Now you don’t have to step out of your apartment and go down to open the door for your guests. You can pre-register your guests so they get access or simply when they arrive at the property, you can open the door from the app to let them in. Curious about how the technology works, click here to learn more about the ParqEx Access+ technology.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found below.

A luxury amenity at 512 E. Green St., Champaign, IL 61820
A luxury amenity at 512 E Green St Champaign IL 61820

Here’s how easy it is to book a parking spot:


Launch ParqEx App

Download the free ParqEx Access+ app from your smartphone.

NOTE: Only Authorized users will receive username and password to sign in to the ParqEx Access+ App and access the property.

Download ParqEx Access+ App on App Store! Download ParqEx for Android!


Sign In!

Launch the app and sign in with your username (email) and password.


Use Access+ to open doors!

In the Access+ app, you should see the buttons to operate the doors at the property you have been given access to. That’s it, now you can operate the doors at the property using the Access+ app. 

USER GUIDE: Step by step instruction for residents at the Green and Third apartments in Champaign, IL to use ParqEx Access+ to enter specific doors at the property by using your smartphone.

ParqEx Access+ User Guide for Residents
This user guide is specifically intended for the informational use of residents at the Green and Third apartments in Champaign, IL to use ParqEx Access+ to enter specific doors at the property by using your smartphone.

VIDEO: How to use ParqEx Access+ app to open secure doors in a building

Frequently Asked Questions (ParqEx App)

Why do I need to provide my name, email, and mobile phone number?

Providing this information helps secure the community and ensure the proper people have access. Email is also your username to sign in to the app and it must be verified. The mobile phone number is used to authorize and authenticate users and send important access-related messages.


How can I change the email address on file with ParqEx?

Contact ParqEx Customer support with the correct email address and you’ll be set up with a new account.


How can I change my mobile phone number?

You can log into the app and go to your account settings to update your mobile phone number. Please note, you will be asked to verify your phone number before you can start using it.


What if I already have a ParqEx account?

This property is private, meaning that approved user emails are added to a list that allows them to perform actions at the property. If the ParqEx account email has not been added to the permission list, you will not have access. Contact ParqEx customer support.


What if I haven’t received my credentials via email from ParqEx?

Please check your junk/spam/promotions mail folder. Also, add “” to their email safe list/contacts to prevent this from happening in the future.

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