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2150 S. Canalport Ave., Chicago, IL 60608

ParqEx is the Private Parking Marketplace. We use our proprietary technology to help “unlock” the value of privately-owned “self-managed” parking spaces that are often underutilized and/or difficult to manage. Thereby, resulting in new parking spaces becoming available to you via the ParqEx app, allowing you to rent exclusive Employee Parking at King Investment Solutions parking spot.

Now you can Reserve King Investment Solutions parking at (2150 S. Canalport Ave., Chicago IL 60608) via the ParqEx app.

In order to Reserve King Investment Solutions parking in the ParqEx app, you must enter the exact location (2150 S. Canalport Ave. Chicago, IL 60608), select the date and time(s) for your desired reservation and click on the search button to view the available parking spaces. Then simply select the parking spot and reserve it by paying with your credit card.

King Investment Solutions parking availability and rates updated regularly, so pre-book your parking with ParqEx today to have peace of mind!

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Here’s how easy it is to Reserve King Investment Solutions parking


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Book a spot

In the app, tap “Rent a parking spot.” Our app will guide you through three easy steps to get your spot reserved on the ParqEx marketplace.

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Now that you have booked your spot make sure to enjoy it to the fullest extent!


TIP: Make sure you provide accurate vehicle information to avoid any tickets/tows. In addition, make sure to follow any guidelines provided in the order details and signs posted on the property.

VIDEO: How to reserve Employee Parking at King Investment Solutions

2150 S. Canalport Ave., Chicago IL 60608

USER GUIDE: Step by step instruction for parking renters

How to book a parking spot at 2150 S. Canalport Ave., Chicago IL 60608

USER GUIDE: Step by step instruction for parking renters

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    Fequently Asked Questions

    • Is there on-site parking at King Investment Solutions?

    Yes, there is on-site paid parking available via the ParqEx app.


    • Is there discounted/validated parking available if I am visiting King Investment Solutions?

    Yes, please use the promotion code LACUNAFIRST to get a discount on the parking.


    • How do I Reserve King Investment Solutions parking?

    In order to reserve a parking spot using the ParqEx app, go to the search location bar in the ParqEx app, and type King Investment Solutions. Enter the start date for your monthly rental and click “FIND PARKING”. Select the parking facility from the search results. Choose the spot that you wish to book and click “book it”. Enter your payment and vehicle information then click “Place Order”.


    • How much does King Investment Solutions parking cost?

    Parking rates at King Investment Solutions can range from $2-4 per hour, $10 – $18 per day and $150 – $220 per month. Check out the ParqEx app for an accurate parking rate.


    • How does the monthly parking subscription work?

    When you book a monthly parking spot, you get charged for the first month at the time of making the reservation. On the last day of each month, you will be charged for the upcoming month. (Ex: If you make the reservation on Feb 15th for March, you will be charged on Feb 15th. For the following months, you will be charged on March 31st for April, April 30th for May and so on).


    • How do I cancel a monthly subscription?

    Simply, log into the app, go to “My Orders” and click on “Cancel subscription”.
    NOTE: Cancelling your monthly subscription does not cancel your current ongoing reservation, it results in the next month’s subscription to not renew.


    • Can I cancel and get a refund on an ongoing reservation?

    Rentals can be canceled per the cancellation policy set by the owner. Please check the cancellation notice period and policy to determine when you may be eligible for a refund.

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