Chicago Edgewater Parking
Chicago Edgewater Parking

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Edgewater is right on the shores of Lake Michigan some seven miles north of downtown Chicago. It hosts several beaches that residents enjoy in the late spring, summer, and early autumn. Edgewater consists of several tightly-knit neighborhoods. In the south-west quadrant is Andersonville. North of it is Edgewater and Magnolia Glens. The portion that faces the lake, east of the EL tracks is Edgewater Beach.


Edgewater neighborhood

This neighborhood of Chicago is also well known for its antique shops as the Edgewater Antique Mall, Broadway Antique Market, and Brownstone Antiques all call the Edgewater area their home. The neighborhood’s ethnic diversity, which includes large pockets of African and Eastern European immigrants, is properly represented with delicious international cuisine readily available. Edgewater is also famous for its authentic deli’s, boutique grocery stores and specialty farm stands.


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      Frequently Asked Questions


      How do I find parking in the Edgewater neighborhood?

      Go to the search location bar in the ParqEx app and type “Edgewater”. Select “Edgewater, Chicago”. Select your arrival and departure time either short-term or monthly. Choose the spot that you wish to book and click “book it”. Fill out your payment and vehicle information then click “Place Order”.

      How much does parking cost in the Edgewater neighborhood?

      Short-term parking currently ranges from $9 to $13.
      Monthly parking currently ranges from $116 to $208.

      What happens if the guest stays longer than the reservation?

      The guest would need to call their contact person and ask them to extend their reservation. A notification will be sent to the contact person (the person who booked the reservation) and the guest.

      How to send a one-time Guest Pass?

      After booking a reservation, navigate to “my orders”.
      Proceed to “transfer to a new guest” to send a one-time Guest Pass.
      Fill out the required information to complete the guest transfer.

      How to use the Guest Pass?

      Once the guest receives the guest pass, they will have access to the garage for the duration of the pass. Example: If the parking pass is from 9am – 1pm the guest will have the “Property Access” functionality in the app, to ENTER/EXIT the garage for those hours.
      If the guest requires more time they will have to communicate with the owner who transferred the pass to them who may extend the parking time.

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