1660 N LaSalle Chicago Monthly Parking
1660 N LaSalle Chicago Monthly Parking

Internal Owners & Residents Only – Book a parking spot for your guests at 1660 N LaSalle Dr. now!


As of March 2,2020, owners & residents at 1660 will be able to reserve Guest Parking directly through the ParqEx app (via smart phone or website) without the need to coordinate with the door staff first. Through the ParqEx app, residents will be able to create and transfer reservations for your guest and they will be granted remote control access to the garage door through their smartphone for the duration of their reservation. For all your guest parking needs check out instructions below.

Here’s how easy it is to book a parking spot for your guest:


Launch ParqEx App

Authorized users will receive username and password to sign in to the ParqEx App.

Download the free ParqEx app from your smart phone or use the web app.

Download ParqEx on iTunes! Download ParqEx for Android!


Book Guest Parking!

• From the Renter side menu, select “Book for a Guest”.
• Enter the arrival and departure date and time for your guest and click “Search” to find a parking spot.
• Then, select the “Guest 1660” property and click “Book” to continue.
Enter your guest and payment information. Click “Place Order”.


Guest Claims The Parking

That’s it! Your guest will receive an email confirmation and text (if you entered their mobile phone number). They will be required to claim their guest parking pass to get access to the parking facility. Click here for instructions to send to your guests

VIDEO: How to book a guest parking spot

USER GUIDE: Step by step instruction

ParqEx User Guide for 1660 North LaSalle Ave
ParqEx User Guide for 1660 North LaSalle Ave

Why do I need my guest’s name, email information?

Providing this information helps secure the lot and ensure the proper people have access. Since the garage is remotely controlled via our app, email of the guest is important to ensure they receive access


Is Vehicle information necessary?

Yes accurate vehicle information is required in order to keep the garage secure and enforce spot designation you may be unable to access the garage if you do not have accurate vehicle information in your profile.


What is Property Access+?

This feature allows you to remotely access the parking garage via your ParqEx mobile app


I transferred my spot, why doesn’t my guest have access now?

Please note, Property Access+ won’t be granted to your guest until 15 minutes prior to the start of the reservation.


What if my guest doesn’t have an email?

If your guest doesn’t have an email address, the spot can still be purchased for them via a cell phone number however you will need to work with the 1660 door staff for this. In the section which requires email, simply put their phone number in the format (phone number)@1660NLasalle.com, and complete the transfer then discuss with your door staff. The door staff will need to be notified that your guest is coming and that they do not have an email or smartphone so that the door staff can assist with letting your guest in


What if I don’t have a smartphone or computer?

If you don’t have a smartphone or computer, all ParqEx orders for yourself and guests must be invoiced to your monthly assessment through your doorman. This can be done by calling the number on the second page of this user guide or in person at the front desk. The door staff will be able to assist in creating a reservation for users without email or computers and help guests with access to the property if they do not have a smartphone.


What if my guest doesn’t have a smartphone?

 If your guest doesn’t have a smartphone, in order to gain access to the garage, this must be done through the doorman either your guest must contact in person or by phone or you must do so on behalf of your guest.


How can I change the email address on file with ParqEx?

Contact ParqEx Customer support with the correct email address and you’ll be set up with a new account.


What if I already have a ParqEx account?

This property is private, meaning that approved user emails are added to a list which allows them to perform actions at the property. If the ParqEx account email has not been added to the permission list, you will not have access. Contact ParqEx customer support. 1660 user information will only be used by ParqEx for account setup and 1660 internal parking management this data is not shared or sold.


What to do if someone is incorrectly parked in your assigned parking space?

If you are unable to access your assigned space for any reason please contact the 1660 front desk and inform them of the issue. If you are unable to reach the door staff please contact Parqex customer support for assistance.

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