The 20 Most Admired Companies in the US

ParqEx: The 20 Most Admired Companies of 2018


Modern technology has already become an essential part of modern life and is continuously changing the way people interact with each other. This can be easily seen on the street. Most of the people are seen staring at their phones or sharing the rides. Wireless connectivity has allowed the impact of technology to be much more personal and intense. The Internet of Things (IoT) is basically a materialization of this on a large extent and is extending the reach of technology into areas those were previously offline. This level of connectivity enables users get more information from and control over remote devices, but the development of this technology is still at an infancy stage of its overall impact. In order to provide the best experience for the end consumer, technology products in the IoT space, which are fragmented, need to be more integrated. Therefore, the vendors offering IoT technologies need to start offering all-inclusive solutions rather than discrete products. As these technologies are getting incorporated in the daily routines such as parking and managing the parking spaces in the vicinity, the need for efficient tools is the instant need. To tackle these challenges, many tech-companies are making the transition to IoT including ParqEx.

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