Mango Pickle Hyde Park Chicago

Mango Pickle offers the best selection of Indian food. The chefs take time in preparing the quality of the food. Each food item has its own special taste. There are many options to choose from on the menu as it regularly changes.

Marisa Paolillo has a strong passion for cooking. She has a lot of experience in being a chef. Marisa continues honing her skills in kitchens and bakeries across three continents. This includes Lakeview’s Wood Restaurant, where she was a member of Chef Ashlee Aubin’s team until she was ready for Mango Pickle. Furthermore, her work continues to be motivated by her concern for human and environmental wellbeing. Marisa enjoys both the wilderness and yoga in her free time.

Mango Pickle’s creative partner, Gregory Bazire, has been working in India since 2005. His experience and knowledge are helpful in growing Mango Pickle. Gregory brings a deep appreciation of Indian cuisine. He is a father, chef, and photographer. Gregory lives life in the present moment.

Marisa’s team is well trained and always looking to satisfy customers.


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