2660 Chelsea Manor Boulevard, Brandon, FL 33510

Residents/owners of the Chelsea Manor community can register their guests on the ParqEx platform to permit them to park on the property. The program’s goal is to ease the frustrations of guest parking by efficiently managing limited parking for the benefit of the community.



1) Residents must use the “Book for a guest” feature in the ParqEx app for all of the visitors

2) Residents that do not transfer the reservation to their guest will be charged a $9 fee per day for every 24 hours

3) If a resident transfers a reservation to a guest & the guest does not claim the guest pass, the resident will not be charged the $9 fee

4) If the resident parks in a guest parking spot that was transferred to a guest, they will get ticketed/towed because the reservation will reflect the guest’s vehicles information – not the resident

5) If the resident cancels the transfer to the guest (re-claims the parking spot), they will be charged $9 if they use it for themselves

6) All residents must agree to the “Chelse Manor Terms & Conditions” by checking the box when booking the reservation.



You must be on the approved list of residents authorized to participate in this program. Only authorized users can book parking and park on Chelsea Manor’s property. In addition, you must register your vehicle information accurately to avoid getting ticketed or towed. Please fill out the form to request access to the platform or email for assistance.

Chelsea Manor - Brandon Fl. HOA

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    How to register your guest/visitor for parking



    Launch the ParqEx App


    Download the free ParqEx app on your smartphone (Android or iOS device) or open on any internet web browser.

    Sign in with username: [Your email address] & password: ChelseaManor. If you need help, please contact ParqEx’s Customer Support.



    Register your Guest


    Register your guest information. Make sure you have entered accurate vehicle information. Chelsea Manor’s security guards will continue to monitor all parking spaces & verify only authorized vehicles are on site. 



    Guest Parking Rules


    • The enforcement of the property will be simplified via ParqEx’s technologies. For example, with resident & guest vehicle information in tenants’ ParqEx accounts, security officers can make sure every vehicle is following the necessary rules & regulations regarding guest parking at Chelsea Manor.
    • Residents will be charged $9 for any infringement of guest parking rules (listed above) on the property.
    • Before successfully booking a guest parking reservation, every resident must agree to the terms & conditions, marking that they understand any potential fee that may arise were they not to follow the specified rules on site.

    User Guide for Owners & Residents

    Step by step instructions

    ParqEx User Guide for Chelsea Manor

    Video Tutorial: How to reserve a parking space for your guest

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need to provide my name, email, phone, and vehicle information?

    Providing this information helps secure the community and ensure the proper people have access. Email & mobile phone is vital to ensure you receive important notifications.


    Is Vehicle information necessary?

    Yes, accurate vehicle information (Make, Model, Color & License Plate) is required to secure the property and enforce spot designation.


    How can I change the email address on file with ParqEx?

    Contact ParqEx Customer support with the correct email address, and you’ll be set up with a new account.


    What if I’m struggling to log into my account?

    If you’ve logged in before and changed your password, please use the updated password you have set. If that doesn’t work, use the “Forgot Password” link. If that doesn’t solve your issue, please email or call our customer support line!

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