How to list your spot

Put your unused parking spot to work for you and the community. List by the hour, day, week or month – it’s up to you. Here’s how easy it is to list…

Here’s how to list your spot and start earning!

Step1 How to list a spot



Listing a spot

Choose “list a spot.” Once you’ve created a spot profile, it will show up on this screen. Tap the “add a new spot” button.

Step2 How to list a spot



Address & photo

The ParqEx app will show you your current location on the interactive map. You can use this location or you can enter an address for your parking spot. Click “next.”

Uploading a good photo of your parking spot greatly increases the chances of a reservation, so go out and get a good shot of that spot! Then add any further description, details, or special instructions pertaining to your parking spot and hit “save.”

Step3 How to list a spot



Set spot availability

Click “create your listing.” Enter the rate you wish to charge and when your spot is available to renters and hit “save.”

Step4 How to list a spot



Publish your spot!

All set to put your spot on the market? Hit the “publish your listing” button. Once you tap this button, your spot is officially available to rent. To see what your listing looks like prior to publishing, you can tap the “view the listing” link just above the “publish” button. Publish that spot, sit back, and wait for the money to start coming in! The app will alert you when a renter requests your spot and you can view and manage all of your transactions from the in-app dashboard.

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Spot says, “Arf Rff!” (Get the app!)


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