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Real-Time Property Reporting Dashboard


Introducing the new and improved ParqEx reporting dashboard and admin module. Know EXACTLY what is going on with your properties all the time, and in real-time! It’s a full transparency dashboard that’s easy to navigate, instantaneous to use, and allows you to monitor, forecast, and track data and revenue for your property (and so much more).



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Transparent Reporting, Precise Data

Get a high-level, easy-to-digest look at your entire property in a single module. See your sales, reservations, people allowed to rent or list parking on your property, and access to the property. Have multiple properties? Just flip one one to the other without ever leaving the dashboard. We make property management and parking fast and easy, because you have more important things to do than to pour over spreadsheets and reservation receipts.

Property Details | ParqEx Reporting Dashboard Admin Portal
Real-Time Parking | ParqEx Reporting Dashboard Admin Portal

Monitor Your Property in Real Time

Watch as your reporting dashboard updates with each parking rental and property access as it is happening! You no longer have to wait for end of session reports, monthly reporting, or app refreshing.


See how many cars are parked on your property, your capacity status, transaction comparison to the day before, and the breakdown of what type of drivers are parking on your property.

Utilization, Conversion, & Forecasting

We take it beyond simple transaction reporting, with our user-friendly utilization conversion data, designed to help you forecast and adjust on the fly.

Spot Utilization | ParqEx Reporting Dashboard Admin Portal

Spot Utilization

Want to know how full your properties are month-to-month? Our simple Spot Utilization module gives you an instant comparison, which allows you to analyze, forecast, and adjust to get your property capacity trending upward. Need full data on your spot utilization? It’s right there for you to jump into.

Utilization Heat Map | ParqEx Reporting Dashboard Admin Portal

The Heat Map

Our incredibly powerful heat map module shows you spot utilization not only by day, but by each hour of each day. Find out what days and times are your busiest, and what days and times need a little extra marketing to get drivers in to park. All in an unbelievably simple color chart.

Conversion Funnel | ParqEx Reporting Dashboard Admin Portal

Transactional Revenue Trends

In one incredibly simple, visual graphic, our dynamic conversion funnel allows you to compare the success of your conversion rates by property, from the number and percentage of those that searched for and found your property, to the number that continued through to booking.

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